Tax Organizer overview


You can use the Tax Organizer Index navigation pane to navigate to access various folders and data-entry screens in your tax organizer, add new units for certain forms (if available), submit your completed organizer, save and close the tax organizer to finish later, or create a PDF copy of your organizer. For more information, refer to the following guidelines and procedures.

Navigating tips

You can navigate through the tax organizer using the Tax Organizer Index navigation pane on the left.

  • Click the folder in the Tax Organizer Index pane (such as General) to display the screens in that folder. Click the link for a screen (such as Personal Information or Lite-1) to open that screen and enter the appropriate data.
  • Press the TAB key to move to the next field in each screen.
  • Press SHIFT+TAB keys to move to the previous field in each screen.


  • If you need to add an additional W-2, W-2G, 1099Q, 1099R, 2439, and/or 1099M form to your web organizer, select the appropriate form from the Add Forms drop-down list at the bottom of the Tax Organizer Index pane, and then click the Add button. The additional form is added in the same folder as the original, and is automatically sent back to our office with your completed tax organizer.
  • If the Add Forms button is not available, you can attach new forms via the Attachments button on the Dashboard.

Attaching additional files

You can attach files to your tax organizer that contain information regarding the preparation of your tax return. You can attach Money or Quicken exported files (.txf), Microsoft Excel files (.xls), Microsoft Word files (.doc, .rtf), Adobe Reader files (.pdf), images (.jpg, .bmp, .tif, .png), web pages (.htm, .html), and text documents (.txt). You can attach up to 50 files of up to 10 MB each.

Saving or submitting your tax organizer

At any time, you can click the icons at the top of the Tax Organizer Index pane to do one of the following:

  • If you are finished entering your tax information into the tax organizer, click Send to Preparer to save the finished tax organizer and send it back to our firm via an automatic retrieval process.
  • If you want to save your progress and return to the tax organizer at a later time, click Save & Close. You can pick up where you left off the next time you log in and open your tax organizer.
  • If you want to save a copy of your tax organizer, click Create PDF to create a copy in Portable Document Format (PDF) that you can save on your local drive.


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